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Boating Adventures

Boating adventures consist of deep-sea fishing, daytime and evening cruises and snorkeling trips. Trips can include a cruise and nature walk at Munyon Island. All trips need to be six hours to reach the maximum benefit.

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Kayaking Adventures

Our kayaking trips are a great team building activity. Our kayaks hold three people are requires cooperation and communication. Participants will kayak to Peanut Island where they will snorkel and take nature walks.

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Marine Lab

Marine adventures is centered around environmental stewardship. Trips are focused on educating our community with the difficulties that are facing our marine environment. Trips can include classroom open-ended and collaborative scientific learning, shore and waterway cleanups, water flow and beach erosion and a number of other activities including snorkeling.

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Our Mission

Improving employee engagement through water-based activities while advancing environment stewardship.

Our vision is to teach team building and social and emotional learning (SEL) skills to adults in South Florida while advancing the goals of the Florida Fishing Academy’s (FFA) environmental stewardship platform. Our goal is to become a leader in employee engagement.

All of our adventures are six hours long and contain team building and social and emotional skills. All proceeds benefit the Florida Fishing Academy (FFA).

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Free Consultations

For a free consultation, call Captain Rich at 561-740-7227