Team Building

Team Building by Boat is a division of the Florida Fishing Academy (FFA) and will be led by the professional staff of the FFA. Our staff have degrees in environmental science and marine biology. We love our oceans.

Our Values

We value our youth, our community and our environment. Using marine-related activities, we help adults relieve stress, recharge their body, improve their mood and learn important social and emotional skills. We seek to engage everyone in our efforts to preserve Florida’s fragile natural resources.

Meet the Team

Our vision is to teach team building and social and emotional learning (SEL) skills to adults in South Florida while advancing the goals of the Florida Fishing Academy’s (FFA) environmental stewardship platform. Our goal is to become a leader in employee engagement.

Rich Brochu

Founder, Captain & CEO

Captain Rich founded the Florida Fishing Academy out of a passion for fishing and his love for his daughters. 

Shannon Lalime

Program Director

Shannon studied biology and environmental at the Stage University of New York at Purchase College

Next Steps…

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