In our mobile Marine Lab, participants will learn about environmental awareness, water flow and erosion, while being trained in problem-solving and other life skills, using hands-on activities that emphasize open-ended and collaborative scientific learning. With this new hands-on educational program, our participants, at their work or ours, will explore a working model of Florida’s watershed, learning about the effects of pollution and beach erosion and how it relates to the marine-life food chain. They will have the opportunity to hold various marine life animals in our touch tank, dissect a squid or fish, and participate in an oil spill cleanup activity. They will be able to divert rain run-off and see how beach erosion occurs with our augmented reality sandbox. These activities will explore the importance of water quality, conservation and a healthy marine environment. We will require participants to brainstorm ideas for conservation activities and pollution control. They will have multiple hands-on active learning opportunities that encourage exploration and inquiry. 

Cost for Three hours is $2,000

Cost for six hours is $4,500

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